artist statement

I have a broad yet simple desire in my paintings:  to create something beautiful.

It’s not that I want to ignore the ugliness of life, far from it, but I want to create environments that are places of relief, of release, of healing and tenderness.    My intention is for my pieces to aid in transforming a house into a home, a board room into a table of open discussion, a facility into a space for community.2013 Nov 13 JANET-14-1-Edit-2

Why flowers?  I have asked myself the question many times over the past number of years.  Maybe it’s because I find them infinitely beautiful:  startling in their colour and tenacity and extravagance.   A green shoot pushing up through the ground in spring, a seed head holding on by the roadside, or a brazen splash of pink peeking out around the green:   these are gifts offered to a deep part within me.  A part that sometimes I don’t even notice is needy until the gift is received.

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